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Shockwave Therapy MD makes use of shockwave therapy to treat the following:

Shockwave Therapy can be used for a variety of injuries along with being a proven treatment for ED

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Due to social stigmas surrounding erectile dysfunction, a lot of men are not reporting this condition to their doctors. This condition is typically caused by a variety of psychological, emotional, and physical factors. Our therapy addresses the root cause of the condition, allowing you to take advantage of a natural solution for erectile dysfunction with long-lasting results.

What sets shockwave therapy apart from all the other forms of ED treatment is its potentially disease modifying element. Unlike symptomatic treatments, it continues to work even as the person grows older. In fact, a published meta-analysis focusing on low-intensity extracorporeal shock therapy as a treatment for erectile dysfunction showed that men above the age of 60 benefited more from the procedure compared to those who received sham therapy.

Peyronie’s Disease

When fibrous scar tissue forms beneath the surface of your penis and causes your penis to struggle to have a normal, straight erection, you may have Peyronie’s Disease. It is always important to consult your doctor to have a better and clearer diagnosis. If you’ve been diagnosed with it, Shockwave Therapy can help break down the scar tissue, thereby improving blood flow leading to an erection.

Otherwise called extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), shockwave therapy for Peyronie’s disease is a painless, or sometimes mildly uncomfortable, non-invasive procedure that discharges shock waves in an effort to break down plaque in the penis and start the healing process.

Sexual Enhancement

To be able to perform better in bed, there must be a good flow of blood to the penis. Shockwave Therapy aims to help you achieve this through low-intensity frequencies via Shockwave Therapy. Boost your confidence and sexual drive, and help create more pleasurable orgasms for yourself and your partner. Remember that a healthy sex life greatly contributes to a healthy life in general.


Shockwave therapy is popular and effective in the management of chronic tendon conditions in the elbow, shoulder, and around the heels. This high-tech self-administered healing therapy provides painless, safe, high-quality physiotherapy treatment. It accelerates the body’s healing process to regenerate damaged tissue by stimulating the metabolism and improving blood circulation. The Extracorporeal ShockWave applies strong energy pulses for short periods creating micro-cavitation bubbles that expand and burst. The resulting force penetrates tissues to stimulate connective tissues and bone healing cells, helping the body cure itself.

A shockwave is an intense wave of energy that travels faster than sound. Through modern kinds of pain therapy, shockwaves are used to penetrate deeply into the body to the source of the pain. Once the shockwave hits the tissue that is causing the pain, it can provide a healing side effect when the tissue absorbs the energy from the wave.

Due to the targeted shockwave application, Shockwave therapy can prevent surgical intervention and its inherent dangers, plus it can significantly reduce stress to the surrounding tissues while the body is not burdened by pharmaceuticals.

In addition, since Shockwave therapy can be self-administered, work absences and doctors’ visits can be reduced to a minimum.

Talk to us today about your situation so we can determine if Shockwave Therapy is the best option for you.

Medical Wave

The medical wave is a medical device company that provides us with the tools and equipment to treat our patients. Medical wave has provided us with “STORZ Medical Devices,” the most advanced EPAT/Shockwave technology in the world.