The Office

  • To support just 10 new patients a week only one small room is necessary for exams and treatments, plus a reception area for administration and processing.
  • Low-cost office space is readily available and often shared or subleased from other healthcare offices.
  • A medical building is not necessary. A regular office building is fine, as no invasive procedures are performed.
  • A larger office, open four days per week with 3-4 rooms, would easily support a volume of 25 or more new patients per week.

The Staff

  • The clinic’s physician would perform a short, 10-minute history-physical of each patient to determine suitability for treatment.
  • A medical assistant is needed to work with the physician and administer the treatments.
  • An office administrator/receptionist would manage the office and handle patient discharges and paperwork. This non-medical person could easily be the Owner Operator.


  • Patients are attracted through our proven, copyrighted and highly-effective direct response marketing program utilizing newspaper, mailouts, texting, radio, television and digital advertising.
  • Working with our experienced and specialized direct response agencies we have produced extremely successful results for all our clinics.

Bottom Line

  • A small clinic doing minimal advertising with approximately 10 new patients per week can be profitable
  • PowerWave Income:
    • 1 patient with 6 treatments would result in: $2,500
    • 10 patients per week would result in: $25,000
    • 1 patient with 12 treatments would result in : $5,000
    • 10 patients per week would result in : $50,000
  • A larger clinic doing just 25 patients per week would have an incremental increase in profit. But even with a modest number of clients would result in good income:
  • 10 patients a week x $5,000 = $50k weekly gross could create $2.6 million per year.
  • Total yearly marketing expenses could be minimal for existing patients and at the high end would only be $450k to create new patients
  • This would equal $2.1 million net profit!!!