Can Shockwave Therapy Heal Arthritis?

Although Shockwave Therapy cannot completely heal arthritis, this new technology can provide relief
and help relieve the pain associated with arthritis.

Arthritis is one of the most debilitating diseases. People suffering from arthritis experience pain in the areas where the disease occurs. Arthritis can affect certain parts of the body or the entire body as a whole. Whatever the case, the pain can be treated using Shockwave Therapy or other alternative treatments.

Arthritis is a term used for joint disorders, which include inflammation of one or more joints. Arthritis can last life-time or can be cured in only a few years. Arthritis treatments are varied depending on the type of arthritis from which the person suffers. The focus of arthritis treatments is usually on improving the individual’s quality of life while reducing its painful symptoms. 

Arthritis symptoms include pain and stiffness in joints, the growth of bony knobs, lumps, or nodules around joints, fingers that look “swollen” in patients with psoriatic arthritis, numbness around joints, swollen, red, or warm joints, difficulty moving the body parts affected by Arthritis, and stiffness in the joints, especially in the morning

Arthritis is widespread, with 350 million people worldwide suffering from the disease. In the United States alone, 40 million people have arthritis with over a quarter of a million affecting children. With so many people affected by various types of arthritis, many treatments, including Shockwave Therapy, have been introduced as therapies. 

In a study about the effects of extracorporeal shock wave therapy on the pain and function of patients with degenerative knee arthritis, it was indicated that the subjects experienced substantial relief from pain and improved their knees’ functioning. It was not indicated as a total cure for arthritis disease.

Overall, studies have found that Shockwave Therapy helps relieve arthritis pain and improve functioning. Further studies are necessary for learning if the treatment can be a cure for arthritis.

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave Therapy is a non-surgical procedure using a multi-disciplinary device. Acoustic waves are sent that have certain physical characteristics, including nonlinearity, high peak pressure followed by low tensile amplitude, short rise time, and short duration (10 ms). They have a single pulse, a wide frequency range (0-20 MHz) and a high-pressure amplitude (0-120 MPa).

There are both positive and negative waves. The first wave, a positive pulse, is the means for direct physical forces. Next comes the negative wave, which produces cavitation and gas bubbles that eventually implode at high speeds. This sends a second set of waves.

The waves stimulate regeneration and reparative methods of the bones, tendons and other soft tissues. Shockwave Therapy is ideal for speeding up recovery and healing a variety of conditions causing acute and chronic pain.

Alternative Treatments for Arthritis

There are many alternative, natural treatments for arthritis. These treatments include:

  • Massage
  • Mind-Body Pain Relief
  • Acupuncture
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Weight loss
  • Physical Therapy
  • Topical Gels
  • Transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS)

While these alternative treatments for arthritis help relieve pain, there is no proof that they actually cure the disease. Always consult with your doctor before trying any new therapies for arthritis. Your doctor may recommend any one or combination of these treatments, depending on your medical needs.

If you are interested in Shockwave Therapy, fill out the form below or call our medical specialists for more information. We are happy to explain the process and assist you with finding the right treatment for your pain. At Optimal Health we are dedicated to providing the best possible care without the use of prescription drugs and will always look for alternative options to treat you.

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