Homeopathic Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

In the past few years, the men’s sexual health market has witnessed the introduction of several new treatment modalities. These include natural and orthodox methods that have helped many men overcome poor sexual performance. There are several options for treatment from shockwave therapy to phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE5 inhibitor) such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Despite the inflow of modern options, some of the long-existing methods remain effective and are widely used to date. One such method is homeopathy medicine, which was developed in the 18th century.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a medical system that bases its practice and ideology on the idea that the human body can heal itself. It is a gentle, safe, and natural system with healing that relieves symptoms of illnesses, restores the body, and improves overall health.

Homeopathy uses the “like cures like” principle. In other words, substances that cause an ailment may be used in treating that same illness if used in the right dosage. For instance, when someone peels an onion, their eyes experience an itching sensation that triggers tears.

Amazingly, the homeopathic micro-dosage of an onion can be used in treating similar issues and allergies. Through succussion and potentization of plants and minerals, homeopathic medicines come in the form of tablets, creams, gels, liquid drops, and sugar pellets. Erectile disorder is one of the conditions that can be addressed with this natural, simple modality.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or erectile disorder, also known as impotence, is the inability to get an erection or sustain it firm enough to last through sexual intercourse. When you are in the mood to have sex, the penis is expected to be firmly erected, but if you experience flaccidity of the penis after ample stimulations by your partner, it is a sign of erectile dysfunction.

Each session of sexual intercourse has four stages: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. An erection should be able to last through the cycle. For men with ED, it may be a case of not achieving an erection at all, or not being able to retain firmness all through the four stages. Whichever the case may be, it is an unpleasant experience for both partners.

If you occasionally experience erectile dysfunction, it may be caused by stress and may not call for immediate action. Advice from your medical doctor or counselor concerning the management of emotional stress might be all you need to resolve the issue. However, if erectile dysfunction occurs often, it may be a signal for a more debilitating condition that would require immediate alacrity. In most cases, frequent experiences of ED will require a comprehensive method.

How Do Homeopathic Treatments Work for ED?

Homeopathy treatment addresses the whole human body as well as the diseased or inactive parts. Around 70% of ED cases can be traced to physical conditions. If these underlying factors are addressed, your erectile function will be able to be restored to its healthy state. Homeopaths (doctors that specialize in homeopathy) carefully examine their patients, noting their medical history, body build-up, lifestyle, and more. Homeopathic treatment may come in different forms such as exercise, yoga, drugs, dieting, and sex therapy counseling.

Common Homeopathic Remedies for ED


Lycopodium is a remedy targeted towards people who have erectile dysfunction because of physical weakness and extreme tiredness, insecurity about one’s partner sex lifestyle, and memory loss. People in this group may lack the self-confidence to address it and may try to overcome it. Additionally, these patients have weak digestive systems and may suffer from bloating, constipation, colitis, dyspepsia, and gastro-enteritis. Lycopodium clavatum extract is a homeopathic medicine that is extracted from the Lycopodium plant and can be used homeopathically to treat liver, digestive, and urinary disorders alongside mental complications like dementia and anxiety.

Agnus Castus

If you have had sex for a countless number of times for many years and you experience a cold sensation in the penis, it remains flaccid when it supposed to be erect. This may also contribute to a lack of sexual feelings. If such conditions occur, Agnus castus may be your best option. Affected people are often anxious about their health status and feel unrest about their inability to have sex. They may also lack concentration and have memory issues. The homeopathic Agnus castus medicine is produced by blending dehydrated and ripened berries with the leaves or stems of chaste tree (popularly called Monk’s pepper or Abraham’s balm). This treatment requires medical guidance as the wrong use of it may hinder sexual desire too. The remedy is safe, effective and has no side effects if properly used.


Caladium is a remedy associated with men whose penis remain flaccid after several sexual stimulations. Patients in this category report an itching sensation in the side of the groin and experience flatulence or eructation if they have a rich diet. They may have masturbated several times in the past and had no sexual experience before marriage. Patients may also release semen without erection or sex dreaming. These patients may have an irrepressible desire for fish, sweets, and lukewarm food.

Additionally, they might crave tobacco and do not like alcohol or tea. Other reported symptoms include becoming tired quickly or angry, not sleeping well, itching, and forgetfulness. Caladium seguinum is the homeopathic medicine that can be used in treating such conditions. It is often made in the form of pellets and requires succussion with some drops of alcohol. Although it might be over-the-counter, medical guidance is strongly advised.


Staphysagria is a natural plant extract used for treating erectile dysfunction. Staphysagria patients are usually gentle and quiet, yet have deep emotions. Such patients may suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and suppressed anger. They are often shy and might avoid embarrassment at all costs. Headaches, insomnia, and joint pains are some of the medical symptoms associated with Staphysagria patients.

Seeds from the Delphinium staphysagria plant are used in making this homeopathic medicine. They are mashed, dipped in alcohol, and then diluted to the desired level of potency. It is in an aqueous form and is highly effective for treating erectile dysfunction without side effects.

Selenium Metallicum

If you have a desire for sex but feel weak and exhausted, that desire diminishes, especially after an illness or fever, or while experiencing hair loss. If this is the case, Selenium homeopathic might be for you. People that require this medication suffer from extreme fatigue, inability to have intercourse with their partner, and high body temperature. Medical guidance is strongly encouraged for this medication.

While homeopathy is an excellent treatment for ED, it is not a replacement for medical consultation and guidance. If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, visit a medical doctor for a proper diagnosis. Your physician is in the best position to determine if homeopathic treatment is appropriate for you. There are many other treatments that can be used to overcome ED.

Other Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Due to the advancement in urological medicine, there has been a steady increase in the number of available treatments for ED. The underlying causes of ED will mainly determine the selection of each treatment for the patient. Some of the common ED treatments include the following:

  • Oral medication
  • Topical medication
  • External devices
  • Penile injection
  • Surgery
  • Prosthesis
  • Non-surgical extracorporeal shockwave therapy

Treating Erectile Dysfunction With Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is widely known as one of the newest and highly effective ED therapies. This method has long been used in urology and sports medicine, but has also been discovered to be a great option for ED. It is a non-surgical treatment method that uses low-intensity acoustic waves to improve blood flow to any target part of the body.

How Does It Work for ED

Blood flow is very crucial to penile functions. Most of the conditions that cause ED also affect blood circulation by forming clogs in the arteries that carry blood to your penile area. Shockwave targets the cause by unclogging the blood vessels, stimulating the growth of new vessels, and removing micro-plaque. This will open up your arteries for an improved and healthier blood flow, resulting in firmer erections.

How Shockwave Therapy MD Can Help

Erectile dysfunction can be easily and successfully treated if handled by an experienced medical expert using the most appropriate method. This is where Shockwave Therapy MD comes in.

Here at Shockwave Therapy MD, we are a team of highly experienced medical professionals specialized in providing solutions to various forms of sexual disorders. We help our patients achieve and maintain their best sexual performance through the use of the latest physiotherapy modalities and technology. Whether you are experiencing a sexual disorder or seeking to improve your overall performance, you can count on us for high-quality and affordable service. To book an appointment with us today, simply fill out this consultation form.

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