How Erectile Dysfunction Affects Your Relationship and Self-Esteem

Erectile Dysfunction can affect every aspect of your life, including your relationships and self-esteem. Romantic relationships tend to suffer when the man has Erectile Dysfunction (ED), the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. 

In fact, some women leave their men because they fear that the problem has to do with them and not some medical condition the man may have. Men who have ED will either blame themselves or their partner and are left with low self-esteem. What you need to know is that no one is to blame. There are several reasons why a man may suffer from ED, including both physical and psychological conditions. Treating the underlying cause of ED is the answer for bringing you back to sexual health.

How Common is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is, in fact, very common in the United States. About five percent of men have full-blown ED by the time they reach the age of 40. That number increases to 15 percent by the time they reach 70. Mild to moderate ED affects 60 percent of men in their 60’s. This can be translated to 30 million men in the United States and 70 million worldwide. These numbers indicate an epidemic that should make you know you’re not alone, a common misbelief among men with Erectile Dysfunction. 

How Erectile Dysfunction Impacts Your Self-Esteem and Relationship

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the leading causes of romantic relationships breaking up in America. The problem starts with the fact that couples just don’t talk about it. Either they’re too embarrassed or one is blaming the other and they never get to the bottom of the problem. 

ED can negatively affect your romantic relationship in many ways. First, bit by bit, ED eats away at a man’s self-esteem, leaving him feeling depressed, anxious and worthless. Once these emotions take over the man’s life, the ED gets worse. Now, there could be a variety of physical and mental causes. Learning about the causes of Erectile Dysfunction can help a man find the proper treatment for it. 

Being that self-esteem is an important component to a good relationship, once the man loses his self-esteem, it starts to eat at the relationship. He may blame his partner, while his partner blames him or even themselves. This silent blame game can undermine a relationship. Not talking about it is detrimental to the trust you’ve built with each other. Every aspect of the relationship is tested, from what happens in the bedroom to deciding how to raise the children to how to do the finances. Underlying negative feelings can take its toll on the relationship, sometimes causing it to break up.

What You Can Do about Your Erectile Dysfunction and Relationship

The first thing you need to do is acknowledge your Erectile Dysfunction as a medical condition. Then, talk about it with your partner. The best thing to do at this point, is to go to your doctor, preferably with your partner so you both can understand the condition. Learning about and working on it together can, in fact, bring you closer to each other and help relieve your ED.

5 Ways to Help Your Partner with his ED

There are many ways to help your guy with his ED, but here are five that work the most successfully:

  1. Be creative in the bedroom. Many times, just getting the man aroused is what he needs to get and keep an erection. This means you must add a little spice to your sex life. Get your man aroused by watching something sexy or trying new positions. Just do it differently and you might get some surprising results.
  2. Don’t put pressure on your guy. By taking the emphasis off the penis, you’re getting your guy’s mind off his ED. Instead of making your guy do the work, try something else like oral sex, sex toys and a vibrator. Using the vibrator is not just for you. You can put your guy’s hands on it and let him see what feels good.
  3. Talk about it. Talk about your own feelings about the condition and how it affects you but be empathetic. Make sure your guy understands that you understand it’s nobody’s fault. Address it a medical condition that can be resolved with proper treatment.
  4. Go to the doctor with your guy. Going to the doctor with your guy shows him that you’re in this together. It offers understanding, compassion and empathy for him to use both for his self-esteem and in the bedroom.
  5. Be patient with the medication. Medications for Erectile Dysfunction work sometimes, but they take time and patience. A man can’t get an erection on command.

Knowing the right things to say and do will help your guy get his erection back. Using these tips along with proper medical treatment, will have the fireworks going off in no time. The key is to be patient throughout the situation. Love and compassion go a lot further in the bedroom.


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